A friend of mine, Andrea, who formally worked at the Laguna Museum of Art, while answering my ambiguous questions, far back in the beginning year of this Project, thought it would be interesting if I kept a journal with regard to Project development. It seemed like a good idea, if for nothing else but to document the progress - or lack there of.. but of course, I jotted down a few memoirs, and for the next few years, that was that...

As this Online arm of the Freedom ART Project was being established, the idea of a journal was revisited, but with a different end in mind than to merely document progress of the painting project.

I have come to view my painting work as a calling to which I have dedicated myself. This web site, however, has evolved into a site about Faith. I have taken the two elements and put them together, documenting the progress of my faith in God with the progress of my calling; the Project paintings. More importantly, the site will hopefully chronicle God's Faithfulness in His Biblical promises, exampled by my life and His grace with me, His blessings, His justice - the good and the bad.

Through this writing, I hope to humanize and free the Project from heroic contentions, and, to involve others in sharing their stories of Faith and Faithfulness; especially those who have received callings of one sort or another. Together, I believe, we can create a community of shared faith, strengthening one another in this journey of growth in the Spirit of God.

So if anyone happens to read this, let me know. If not, then this is just for you , Andrea.


~ Jeff