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Q. How long does it take you to paint a painting?
Q. How long does it take to complete one cross?

A. The paintings are estimated to take 2 months each on the average. That does not include study time, sketch time, or prototype time.

Q. How long is it going to take you to paint all 66 paintings for the Freedom ART Project?
Q. How long will it take to complete the entire project?

A. I am guessing between 20 and 25 years from the time of funding.

Q. Aren’t you a little old to be starting such a large scale project?
A. In short -- I am just hitting my stride. Many of the greatest works in history were created by artists into their fifties, sixties, seventies and older. See section D - 1 of the appendix

Q. What if something happens to you before the completion to the Project? Are you training someone to be able to finish the paintings in such an event?
A. That is a good question. In worldly concerns and concerns of investors, I suppose that is a fair question. But the Project is about more than the paintings. It is about process and it is about obedience to God’s calling. I think in time we will see this is much more than being about 66 “material” paintings. I think we shall see the process as a vehicle...

Q. How do I see one of these large pieces for myself?
Q. Where can I see the paintings?

A. Right now, you can’t. All that anyone will be allowed to see for a while, will be what is presented online and what is offered to consumers as cards and prints.

Q. What are your hopes for this project?
A. My hopes for this project are that I will become closer to God, that others will come closer to God, that faith will be strengthened among all of us whom reach out to God to be in our lives, and more importantly, for us to submit our selves to Him and to be in His life. I hope that this Project with its online audience will generate enthusiasm for seeking the scriptures and a more loving dialog based in faith. I hope a deeper interest will develop in communicating the Biblical arts and that the visual arts will be accepted in more of the Protestant churches as a valid form of invoking worship. Those are my hopes -- greatest of all, I hope to witness God using me and this work as He will. I hope to see His hand move in our lives through this Project.

Q. How has this project changed you?

A. It has given me hope when I was losing my hope. It has drawn me into a closer relationship with God. It has strengthened and tested my faith and made me wiser. It fills me with joy and interest and vitality.

Q. How has this project changed others lives?
A. I have only heard of others being inspired. I hope to include letters by people and their encounters with the Freedom ART Project. They can email me at : letters@freedomartproject.org

Q. What feedback have you received from the Christian community? From the secular community?
A. I have received enthusiastic responses from the Christian community and positive responses from the secular community.

Q. In an ideal world, what do you need to complete the project in terms of finances, resources, time etc.
A. $12,000,000. and 15 - 20 years without interruption, and the human resources necessary to complete the Project. In an ideal world, I would like to paint the paintings in an old stone church or factory (or some such building with history) where I could modify the lighting to accommodate diffused natural sky light - there would be no problems with heating or weather damage, and there would be electricity. In an ideal world.

Q. How do you feel your background and experience has prepared you for this project?
A. I’ve been given commercial projects ranging from 200 square feet to 3,888 feet (as high as 27 feet tall) working in warehouse space, managing people, and inventory. I’ve been a professional artist since 1979. I have been proven popular and influential in the commercial market, thoughtful and curious in the fine art market. I instructed college art courses for ten years, honing communication skills. I feel that this Project was tailored for me and that I was born for it.





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