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Q. Why Abstract and not realistic or representative imagery? Why are you not using human figures to express these images?
A. First of all, because of the direction I was given, all the images will use clouds to form the basis for the abstraction. Second, because of my training, studies and experience in the arts, abstraction has more power for immediate and visceral causation without evoking or relying on nostalgia , where representation can tend toward sentimental projection. I want for the art to exist in the power of the moment because the subject is timeless. Third, these images are intended as contemporary icons. Interesting, symbolically, as we are not to see God face to face, yet, in the Old Testament, He often appeared in or spoke from the cloud/s. The New Testament too, references the cloud with divinity.

Q. Why thematic essence instead of the familiar stories from the Bible?
A. Because I am making one painting per book. It is the nature of the project. It is a different way to approach Bible study, interpretation and expression.

Q. Why do you spend so much time on the computer manipulating the images - why not just work out the images on canvas? Won’t the paintings be stiff if you are creating them from computer images?
A. Because of the extreme cost to make the paintings, the computer studies are a way of working out possibilities of expression prior to investing the money and the labor into the final paintings. Because I develop a ”blue print” computer study as a directional and conceptual guide - that does not mean that I will follow the rendering strictly. The computer renderings are merely a point of departure. The scale of the paintings and the medium involved will allow for many random excursions and happy surprises - much of the final paintings will be created in a spirit of impromptu gesture.

Q. Is this getting govt. funding?
A. No

Q. Where are you going to get the money?
A. I am to keep faith that God will provide. He is Faithful.

Q Do you accept tithe money for the Project? I know many people who would tithe to this.
A. A trust fund will be set up where a percentage of proceeds from the greeting card line will be held. I have been asked if I would accept tithe money toward the project. The answer to that is, yes, though not at this time. Soon, the F.A.P. or the Endowment for the Biblical ARTs, will be set up as nonprofit corporation and will handle the trust. At that time, the Project can accept tithing and offer tax deductions for the gifts. God Bless that idea.

Q. Do you accept commissions?
A. Yes. I accept commissions for the prototype paintings. They are ten feet tall by seven feet seven inches wide and currently run between $30,000. and $50,000, unframed.

Q. Are the cards available yet?
A. Public release is expected November 15th.

Q. Do you have limited edition prints or posters available of the work?
A. Not yet, though they are planned. To be notified of any print or merchandise releases, please send a brief note with your e mail address to :

Q. Where do you paint these?
A. My studio can accommodate 10 foot prototype paintings. I have faith that when the time is right, the place for painting the large paintings will become available.

Q. Where are you going to show these large paintings?
A. The show is a long way away. Something will develop by that time. The smaller paintings can be leased to organizations, corporations and churches / cathedrals as part of a leasing program so that the works can be in public prior to their collection for permanent exhibition.

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