Q. How would you describe your project in 2 sentences?
A. Based on absolutely nothing... “A monumental transcendental reckoning.”

... descriptively, the Freedom ART Project is a visual tribute to God through the permanent exhibition of 66 monumental large scale paintings, each painting expressing an essential overall quality to one of the 66 books of the Canonized Bible.

Q. What is the objective of the project?

A. The Projects objective is for me to obey God’s instruction, to paint clouds, put them in crosses and to exhibit the final paintings. In world terms, I am developing a show for permanent exhibition - a show that I hope will influence other artists to express, a show that I hope will embolden viewers before the throne of God. On God’s terms, much more is happening through this Project than I can anticipate. He is molding me and he is moving others. This can be viewed through this web site as it develops. I am focused on the first objective, and I am also open to where the wind blows.

Q. What prompted this undertaking?
Q. What was the inspiration for the project?

A. In the truest sense of the word, inspiration, God breathed it into me. As crazy as that sounds, the Project came as a quiet and sudden answer to 5 distinctly different prayers, prayed repeatedly over time - it came in a grand but simple vision. (See page 'Project History' section of this web site)

Q. Why is your project called Freedom Art Project?
Q. Why Freedom?

A. For several reasons, personal, social, and spiritual. Personally, my life had lost vitality, direction, purpose, hope. I was a prisoner of malaise. God’s gift of and calling to this Project has set me free from my prison. Freedom.

Socially, I believe this vision offers the same hope to others. By personally offering myself and the making of the art for this Project, as a witness to God’s grace, I believe God will perform great works in bringing people to see His “Freedom” offered through the Biblical Scriptures.

Spiritually, we are all offered freedom, freedom from death through the sacrifice of the “Holy Lamb of God...”(John 1:29), Jesus the Christ, Son of God, Savior -- it is obvious through the symbolism of the paintings what is being stated.

Q. Why the cross? Why is it important to the title of your project?
Q. Why do you use crosses on the portrayal of Old Testament books as well as New Testament?

A. By the redemptive death of Jesus, the cross has become a symbol for salvation. It is also the symbol of a cross roads. In ancient traditions, it represents the point at which the horizontal world meets with the vertical Spirit - the connection and communication between heaven and earth. The point at which they intersect being the true center of the world. Interesting enough, it is also an ancient symbol of Totality - and hence beckons contemplation on the Trinity. The cross represents Jesus through His atoning death on the cross. It is my belief that the Old Testament speaks of Jesus while the New Testament testifies of Him - He is the Word of God, and the scriptures are known as the word of God. This should give some clues as to the cross motif and the scriptures being used though all 66 paintings. I wish I could claim this motif as my own thought, but I can’t - it all came as the vision and as the direction by which I was led - to, “paint clouds / put them in crosses.”

Q. Why 23 Kt. Gold leaf for the text?
A. In the tradition of the tabernacle and temple, genuine Gold is a worthy choice to represent God’s light and purity in His Word / word. Alternative suggestions have been gold ink/paint, and a composite metal leaf; a simulated gold composite formula, 85% copper, 15% zinc. Neither contain the durability from tarnish, the richness of gilded gold leaf, nor the symbolic power of the real thing. The leaf will be unsealed and it is open to the elements - no veneer- 23 karat is the choice. If I could find a pure 23 Karat liquid gold ... I would consider it as a possibility.

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