Service and Labor Charity

The Freedom ART Project's existence is beneficial to everyone. It is more than 66 large scale paintings. It is a tribute to God.This will be most aparent when the paintings get permanently exhibites as an interior sanctuary for reflection and gratitude of all God is.

Painting the paintings are well within my capabilities and accomplishment as an artist, however, the Project is bigger than the paintings alone and outside help is needed to fulfill this monument.

Here is a list of service and labor needed. Please pray for the means for hire or the hearts of charity through which these needs would be provided as an offering. Spread the word. I am looking for help.

If you or someone you know can contribute to any of the following, please contact me at:


Attorneys (corporate and nonprofit)
Accountant (CPA)
Business Management
Public Relations Management
Nonprofit consultation and advisement



Studio Assistance
Research Assistance
Studio Manager
Cataloger / Documentographer
Web Master
Web Production Team (e-commerce, coding,ASP)
Fulfillment assistance (box folders, phone orders, labeling and shipping)


Jobbers (as needed):

Silk Screeners (As Needed)
Gilders (As Needed)
Contractors (As Needed For Studio Building and Painting Supports)


And for the asking... Space:

Work Space (with Utilities and Phone access) 40 foot ceiling requirement - 10,000 sq. foot floor minimum. (Old church or old factory is on the wish list - all countries will be considered viable)





List of Material and Requirements
for the Freedom ART Project Paintings

Your Contribution