Materials and Requirements List

Freedom ART Project: Mediums / Construction / Operation: Requirements
Medium – Acrylic – airbrushed / oil paints / oil based adhesive, 23kt gold / Primer (Sealer for ground)

Partial Inventory

1. A. Materials

Canvas (10,572 Square Feet, Minimum )
Canvas supports: interlocking wood panels (10,572 Square Feet, Minimum)
Custom Canvas Support Hardware (panel locks)
23kt. Gold in 6 inch rolls (6,600 Square Feet, Minimum)
Adhesive (Coverage for 6,600 Square Feet, Minimum)
Gesso / Sealer (Coverage for 33,200 Square Feet, Minimum)
Paint Acrylic (Coverage for 16,500 Square Feet, Minimum)
Mixed Mediums (Coverage for 8,000 Square Feet, Minimum)
Paint Oil (Coverage for 16,500 Square Feet, Minimum)
Paper (White Rolls and Brown Paper Rolls; 1,068 Yards By 4 Feet Wide Each)
Tracing Paper (1,068 Yards By 3 Feet Wide, Rolls)
Vellum (300 Yards By 4 Feet Wide)

B. Supplies

Airbrushes / hoses (individual and industrial lines)
Iwata HVLP (3) LP94, LPH100, LPH200, LPH400
2 Gallon Pressure Pot and Hoses
Iwata RG2, (2)
Iwata Eclipse (3) (+ 30 Jars)
Iwata CMC (2), CMB (2)
Iwata Quick Releases For All Above
Iwata Needles, Nozzles, For All Above
Iwata Replacement Parts For Above
Air Hoses For Above

Non-Specialized Supplies

Paint Brushes (As Needed)
Paper Towels / TP
Masking Materials (French Curves, Art Tool Templates, Paper, Plastic)
Liquid Mask (25 Gallons)
Masking Tape
X-acto knives/ blades
Color Pencils
Water Colors
Water Color Pads
Tar Paper (For Floor Coverage)
Computer Paper
Computer inks

C. Space

Live (Plus, Utilities and Telephone)
Work (Plus, Utilities and Telephone) 40 foot ceiling requirement - 10,000 sq. foot floor minimum.

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Your Contribution

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