How to Contribute


Here is how you can contribute:

Your words as letters of encouragement for the project,
e-mail them to Jeff LeFever HERE

your prayers,

inform others about this web site - Pass it on - it is good to let people know what is happening here. I encourage you all to participate. Support is a grass roots effort and I need your support to raise the funds to make these paintings, so that the 66 painting monument - a tribute to god, can be made and available for public viewing.

(YES! send this link to EVERYBODY on your e-mail list - here it is : ), especially your congregation and church groups - have them log on and check it out. I am available to answer all questions about this Project. This Project needs YOUR financial support. $1 sent from every Christian, will pay for the Project. JUST $1. If you feel so inclined to help bring the sixty-six monumental Biblical paintings to completion, please send a dollar - please say a prayer, please tell others to see if it is in their hearts. Please contribute.

Charitable Contributions
Liquidity, it has to happen somehow for progress. Whether it comes in the form of money donations or charitable labor, assets for the Project - ALL are required to move forward toward completion. I am calling on everyone. Will you make a difference? Please?

Send a Dollar

It is that simple.

If everyone were to send a dollar, the PROJECT would be funded. Tell everyone. Please send a dollar.

If you would like to contribute more than a dollar, consider donating on my behalf to the Foundation for the Biblical Arts. It is tax deductible!

The Freedom ART Project is now getting support from the Foundation For the Biblical Arts, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to raising awareness and funds for this monumental project. You can make a check of ANY amount to the Foundation for the Biblical Arts (note at the bottom of your check that the donation is for the FAP), and mail it to me c/o the Foundation for the Biblical Arts. At the end of the year, you will receive a tax credit receipt from the Foundation for all you have donated. The mailing addresses and instructions, are at the upper right.

Within the structure of the Foundation, a trust fund is set up to hold the money raised, by the Foundation, and donated by supporters. Please be a supporter.

I hope you will want to be involved.The Project needs your help, as do I - help from the faithful everywhere. Please, be involved with the Freedom ART Project. And if you can not contribute, please keep it in your prayers.

You can e-mail me for further information. I can do this with your financial support.

May you be blessed.

In God's Grace, and for His Glory revealed - thank you.


$1 or more

Send your contributions to:

Jeff LeFever
c/o FAP
441 Anita
Laguna Beach, CA 92651 USA

Make your check out to:
Freedom Art Project


For Larger Contributions

Please make out your check to:
Foundation for the Biblical Arts,
and make a note on the check bottom that the donation is for the FAP

Mail to:
Jeff LeFever
c/o Foundation for the Biblical Arts
441 Anita
Laguna Beach, CA 92651 USA



List of Material and Requirements
for the Freedom ART Project Paintings

Service / Labor Charity