The Freedom ART Project and the F.A.P. Online


The Freedom ART Project is a monumental project. It is the artistic calling of California born artist, Jeff LeFever. The 66 Project artworks are visual interpretations the 66 books of the Canonized Bible, with the intent of being the heart of a non denominational, non doctrinal sanctuary. Each painting for each book will contain that books full text in the original language gilded in 23 Karat gold. The size of each painting is determined by the amount of scripture contained in each book - the largest book being Psalms will be 30 feet tall by about 24 feet wide, and where John 3, will be only a few square feet.

The Freedom ART Project ONLINE is a separate entity - it serves as a document to the making of the Freedom ART Project paintings.

Here you will find sketches and paintings as they develop as well as a near real time journal of the artist. This web site is meant to be like a conversation in the artist's studio, visiting and discussing the Project, faith, art, ...

The Freedom ART Project ONLINE is also about:

~ exhibiting faith by documenting the "faith-walk" journey of Artist Jeff LeFever and his calling to "Paint Clouds. Put Them In Crosses."


~ an expanding community fostering a love for God and His Amazing Grace - no matter what - even when things do not make sense.

The Freedom ART Project Online is a group of individuals dedicated to informing the public about the making and progress of the Freedom ART Project (Painting Project/ Sanctuary).

~ encouraging the art of others, dedication to helping others identify their God given gifts, dedication to growing in faith of God's promises in the Holy Scriptures, dedication to helping each other and our audience grow in these ways if they want to participate in dialog.

The Freedom ART Project itself is a fire lit by God in the heart of LeFever. A fire that the artist invites us to gather around like in a camp, or a hearth, to share our experiences and stories about how Great God is Truly. This is the genesis for the Freedom ART Project Online and its record of the Project development.

Though the Freedom ART Project Online is not the Freedom ART Project, it is an expression born from the Freedom ART Project, and focuses on faith and learning about Faith, as promised in Biblical scripture. We are doing something different here - rather than using the Project as an illustration to support a point, as you would see in a sermon on Faith - we are sharing a real time experience. This is not a NOUN - it is a VERB. This is a living journal of Faith of a Project occurring in OUR OWN TIME - now, not past tense. This is what makes it exciting. With that in mind we invite everyone to warm his or her souls by the fire. Participate. Visit Often. Contribute your knowledge, your feelings, and your experiences. Write us. Step into the artist's studio.

Above all, praise our Lord, for His, is truly the source of all things.





Freedom ART Project Paintings
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