Easter Art
Sunrise Service
Laguna Beach, CA.

The art work for Psalms has been chosen again to serve as a central stage decoration for a church event. It will be hung as the Stage Banner for the Easter In Laguna Sunrise Service. There are also plans to hang the banner out front of the venue announcing that the celebration service will be offered for the Laguna Beach community.

It was first used by the Orange Diocese for the 2002 R.O.C.fest at the Bren Center in Irvine, Ca.

The Easter in Laguna Committee, a group of Volunteers from The Little Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach , is working with Jeff LeFever and his art from the Freedom ART Project to express the glory of Easter. They are hosting the Laguna Beach Sunrise Service which will begin at 6:30 on Easter morning at the Irvine Bowl in Laguna Beach, Ca.

The Banner is currently being printed at SuperColor in Irvine, Ca.

Photos and video is forthcoming as the days approach Easter.






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