Curious as to what new work is being developed for the Freedom ART Project paintings? This is the place where you will find the latest Internet postings of the color studies by artist Jeff LeFever.

The Freedom ART Project artwork is archived in this section.

Sketches, colorstudies and eventually the paintings themselves will all be kept here.

When a particular study for one of the 66 books of the Canonized Bible is completed, the original sketches and a variety of color studies are placed here, in The ART section.

Eventually, the painting prototypes will also be archived here. And Finally, so will the monumental paintings.

As an interesting way of viewing the Freedom ART Project art, a contemplative "word and inspiration" juxtaposition is offered for each image. Reading the words and looking at the art in total makes for a rewarding meditation and enriches the viewing experience.

Use the drop down menu above to go to view the art study of your choice, or click here to begin at GENESIS